Intentionally  Wed

Revolutionalizing the way weddings are planned


Intentionally Wed is a never-before way of approaching wedding planning — a way that is authentic, realistic, and easy on the budget.



You’re planning a wedding!  

So, why does it all feel so ... ugh?
If you are like every other couple out there, you probably:


Want a personal and unique wedding...

But can’t afford the 10-50K+ that most planners command.

Want to plan something special... 

Without paying the cost of a downpayment on a house.


Have so many ideas...

But don’t know how to funnel them into a manageable plan.

Would love to enjoy your wedding...

And not let it cause a lot of stress.


Love planning events...

But have no ideas where to start with planning something this big.

Would to have a thorough plan...

While not taking away from the organic, natural flow of the day.



If reading these made you want to grab Toto and head on back to Kansas, you probably need to keep reading to see how your wedding planning experience is about to get so much better.


This is the day you have dreamed of for so long. 

Or maybe it is something you have never really thought about and you are sitting here, engagement ring sparkling in the sun, wondering … what now?  

You’ve tried joining Facebook forums but those are just a bunch of people complaining.

You’ve tried one of those planners from the local bookstore but let’s be honest, that is a one-size-fits-all kinda thing and you just don’t fit into that … plus they make it sound like so much work. 

And those wedding planning books? They are so meticulous and detailed that you got lost after page 1.

You’ve looked at hiring a planner but, damn, you just don’t have that kind of cash flow right now. 

Having been in the wedding and events industry for well over a decade now, I hear you.


What would it feel like

if you could plan the wedding of your dreams
without the overwhelm, without the uncertainty, and without spending the extra cash.


Imagine being able to plan your wedding, your way,
and – gasp – actually enjoying it.

Could you relax knowing everything is taken care of?


Would you be able to actually enjoy being creative and planning an unforgettable event?


Would your wedding finally feel personal and meaningful?


Wedding & Event Designer

I’m Brit.


I’ve been in the wedding and hospitality industry for over a decade, and have planned everything from small, intimate soirees to large 400+ person weddings. And through every event, there is one constant. Every one of my clients comes to me stressed and not knowing where to start in the planning process.  


After years and years of hearing how overwhelming planning weddings was, I kept asking myself, what could I do to make you feel better and enjoy wedding planning again?


The answer? Intentionally Wed. 


I have put my heart and soul into this course, bringing in feedback from top vendors, former clients, and, of course, my own experience.  


This course was created for couples looking for the ultimate wedding experience without the price tag of a planner. It’s having a virtual planner at your disposal, leading you through the process, allowing you to create a truly personal, authentic event.  


Wedding planning is supposed to be fun and is supposed to be the biggest celebration of your life. Don’t let the books, the internet, or those Facebook forums try and take the joy away from this experience. 


Brit is all things a wedding planner should be - organized, has a high attention to detail, always thinking ahead, planning for various scenarios - but she is so much more. She is authentic and genuine, funny, kind, personable (the list goes on), my husband and I consider her a friend"

-Lindsey Herman

Brit creates truly custom weddings for each client! She doesn't take a cookie cutter approach and the weddings she touches reflect the couple's personality, the intent behind the day, and the locations!

- Jeremiah and Rachel Photography

I am a type A person, and a designer, so when it came to my wedding I knew enough about what I wanted to be dangerous, but not enough to know where to begin. My now-husband and I interviewed several planners, but came away from our consultation with Brittany sure that she was the perfect person to work with on our wedding.

- Olivia Munoz
You know you want to plan an unforgettable day, but you feel a little stuck and you have a lot of questions:
  • How do I find the time to plan a wedding?
  • Where do I come up with the ideas for a seriously epic wedding? 
  • How do I make sure everything has been planned correctly for my wedding?
  • How do I not get overwhelmed and stressed out while planning without hiring a wedding planner? 
  • How can I keep control over my wedding without turning into a bridezilla? 
This is exactly why I have created the course, Intentionally Wed.

Introducing: Intentionally Wed


A new way to approach wedding planning–a blueprint as such–at the fraction of the cost of a wedding planner.

There are only a few wedding planning resources out there and they are a bit daunting. There are so many details. I started perusing them and even I was overwhelmed… and I do this for a living.

Your life while planning a wedding before Intentionally Wed

*add dates filled with non-stop decision fatigue
*Forgetting why you thought a wedding would be fun to plan in the first place


Your life while planning a wedding after Intentionally Wed


*wedding industry-educated
*ready to get married!

Curriculum Breakdown


Module 1 - How to Get Started
Let’s talk about the fundamentals of wedding planning including:
*your budget
*guest list
*your wedding website
*your vision board
*and, most importantly, your priorities.
We will also talk about why you shouldn’t believe everything you read (myths debunked!), what to ask venues, floral logistics, and thinking about your guest experience. 

Module 2 - Logistics
This is when we get into the true planning of your wedding.  
Let’s reevaluate how we look at weddings and start with the nitty-gritty of decision-making. 
This module also includes my best organization tips PLUS spreadsheets, checklists, and more all from my own personal collection  - the same ones I use to plan my 100k weddings.  We will also focus on the timing and timeline for your wedding day. 

Module 3 - Vendor Shopping
In this module, we will discuss selecting the perfect venue and all of the considerations that go into that.  We will then talk about how (and when) to book your other vendors, what considerations to take with them, and what questions to ask. 
We will also discuss having a wedding planner versus a coordinator and why they are important. 

Module 4 - Design, Extras, and Your Budget
In this module we take your day and make it unique and personal to you but staying within budget. We’ll talk about: 
-where do you really need florals 
-making the rest of your design cohesive 
-where to splurge and where to rent, buy, DIY 
-paper goods 
-favors/welcome bags 
-champagne toasts 

Module 5 - Putting It All Together
All of your ideas, plans, etc that you have been working on?  This is where you put it all together. We will talk about:
-the guest experience 
-site visits 
-vendor meetings/finalizations 
-handing it off to your planner or coordinator! (the best feeling!) 
-packing for your wedding weekend (and packing lists for your wedding party)
-soak it ALL in! 


Bonus Inclusions!: 

-Design Board Template

-Wedding planning checklist by vendor category

-Budget tracker (broad and detailed) 

-Guest list tracker 

-Reception Table assignments

-Packing list

-Timeline template


One Time Payment



Three Payments



The best part about this course?  You can do this online, from anywhere, at anytime that is convenient for you! It’s all at your own pace, within the parameters of your wedding date, of course.

There has never been a better time to start your planning journey. This is truly a once-in-lifetime event and you want to do it right and in a way that is enjoyable.

 So, let's talk about who this course is FOR: 

This course is for that couple planning a wedding but doesn’t want to spend the money on a full-service planner–who just has a coordinator or a hands-off planner.  


It is for a couple who may have a planner but wants to be hands-on in the design process.


This course is not for couples who have a full-time planner who is designing everything or who are eloping.


You have a choice — continue piecing together your wedding in a way that feels stressful, overwhelming, and not fun. 


Or find a new way to approach this momentous occasion. 


Don’t just get wed.

Get intentionally wed.

Still unsure?  
You probably aren’t sure if it is worth the cost. 
You probably think you can do it all on your own. 
You probably wonder if I really have all the planning answers for you.
You probably think I don’t know you, so how am I supposed to assist in making your day authentic to you?



The truth is, no matter how much you’ve read or “asked Google”, there is no substitute for experience. Only a wedding planner can tell you all of the what-not-to-dos and give you all of the direction you really need to successfully pull off your dream wedding. Only a wedding planner has the knowledge and experience to avoid these costly mistakes. 


That was, until Intentionally Wed came along.


Intentionally Wed is the best thing next to actually hiring me to plan your wedding. You get all of my knowledge, all of my insight, and all of my top-secret planning tools.
Wedding planners are expensive, usually in the 10-60k range once it is all said and done. It’s not fair to ask wedding planners to charge less for the amount of hours they put into perfecting a wedding day, and it’s not fair to ask a client to put down a house mortgage on an extravagant wedding they simply do not want. Intentionally Wed is the missing piece for the wedding industry. You can plan your wedding - and plan it right - without stress, uncertainty, and financial burden. 

What happens when you buy?!


Once you finalize your purchase (dare I say, the BEST wedding purchase you’ll make), you will get an email with access to an online portal that houses the course. You’ll create a username and password and will be on your way to a wedding planning experience that is nothing short of magical.


*Make sure you look in your spam folders if you don’t see my email!*